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Honda announced the renewal of the Jazz for the European market, with the facelift being presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Aesthetically, it stands out for the changes in the front, with redesigned headlights and grille. The headlights have been extended, have chrome details and incorporate the blinkers, in addition, the grid includes the logo of the chrome mark. The Jazz is also available in the new Skyride Blue body color. In terms of equipment there is also news. As standard, the European Honda Fit will have cruise control, heated seats, automatic lights and emergency braking in the city. The most equipped versions feature a 7.0-inch touch screen, rear view camera, front dash warning, traffic signal detector, keyless access and track exit warning. The main novelty is the entry in the engine line 1.5 i-VTEC petrol with 130 hp, complementary to the 1.3 i-VTEC with 102 hp. In that engine, Jazz announces an average consumption of 18.5 km / l and emissions of 124 g / km of CO2, in combination with the CVT continuous variation transmission – an alternative to manual transmission.


Last year Honda introduced a new version of the Jazz called Cross Style on the Japanese market, which showed an adventurous aesthetic to achieve a crossover style look. Now, at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the Japanese manufacturer presented this finish to the European market, where it will arrive under the name Honda Jazz X-Road. The new X-Road finish level shows a more rugged exterior appearance thanks to its unpainted plastic frames on the wheel arches, the sides and the trunk lid, as well as new design bumpers that include color protections aluminum. It also has 16-inch alloy wheels with specific design, while in the interior the only modifications are the new carpets. In the mechanical part the new Honda Jazz X-Road will be offered with the 1.3-liter i-VTEC petrol engine, a block that develops 102 hp of power and a maximum torque of 123 Nm, which can be combined with either a manual transmission of six-speed automatic type CVT. With this engine the Jazz is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.4 seconds when using the manual transmission or in 12.3 seconds when the engine is combined with the CVT transmission. The manufacturer has not announced modifications to the suspension, so the height relative to the ground remains the same as the rest of the Jazz line. In addition to this new adventurous style finish, the Japanese brand took advantage of the automobile event to introduce a new Jazz customization package called ‘Chrome Pack’, which consists of several chrome inserts in the lower front area, the windows and the back cover. The commercialization of the new Honda Jazz X-Road will begin soon after the Geneva Motor Show, although for the time being its prices have not been announced.


The Honda Mean Mower V2 is the evolution of an idea conceived by the engineers of the Japanese brand for quite some time: to manufacture the fastest lawn mower in the world. The task relatively simple since it was not very fast vehicles, resulted in V1 reaching 187.6 km / h, speed has become low when they snatched the record later. Now is the time to reclaim the throne. And you can not say that the model is not prepared for it, it is that both Honda and Team Dynamics, Scuderia with which the brand competes in the BTCC, did a good job. The first thing they did was choose the model to give the basis to the project: a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP. From there, they have used practically all the useful elements. Its engine of 190 hp and 116 Nm of maximum torque, the LCD screen of the instrument cluster, the ECU and the clutch system. Add to that a six-speed, programmable, carbon-fiber transmission behind the Sparco steering wheel. In addition, the cooling system was printed in 3D, the Goldspeed ATV wheels are fitted with slick tires and the brake system combines vented discs with four-piston calipers at the front and six at the rear. With all this the Honda Mean Mower V2 should be able to reach its goal, reaching 240 km / h, which means to overcome at just over 50 km / h speed achieved by its predecessor.


One of the joint ventures of Honda in China, Everus, has just revealed at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show a prototype that advances its first electric production model, the Everus EV Concept. It has an attractive crossover design, will be produced in China and will be aimed only at this market. For the Everus joint venture, Honda is associated in China with the Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC Group), and until now they have been manufacturing only economical models, such as the Everus S1 sedan, equipped with traditional combustion mechanics from the Honda catalog. This attractive Everus crossover breaks completely with all the canons of the Japanese brand, showing a very attractive design, although in its front part reminds a little the Stonic KIA, mainly for its proportions and the shape of the headlights. Of course we are dealing with a salon prototype, so it is not possible to determine how many elements of this design will actually reach the definitive production model. Theoretically, the Everus EV Concept already has a large part of the elements and the configuration of the production model, because according to the brand, its development will be completed later this year. So it is very likely that before the end of 2018 we will see the presentation of the definitive model. The car will be destined for the car sharing fleet of Reachstar, a business that has also received investments from the Japanese manufacturer lately, so in principle the first destination of the model will be a shared use service. Although a possible commercialization of the model on a large scale is not discarded. The brand has not revealed any technical details of the model so far, so none of its specifications are known, as well as its performance and whether it is based in any way on any existing model of brands related to Everus, Honda and GAC.

2018 – HONDA FIT

Honda has just released the mid-life update of the current generation of Fit, which comes with some subtle exterior modifications, as well as a new level of finish and some improvements in the equipment. Honda intends to attract younger buyers and that is why Fit’s third generation has included a new level of finish called ‘Sport’ in this upgrade, which gives it a more sporty touch. The new Fit Sport looks more aggressive and sporty thanks to the incorporation of a front splitter with orange details, rear diffuser, 16-inch alloy wheels in black, rear aerofoil and chrome exhaust. Inside, the Honda Fit Sport includes a unique black color upholstery with orange stitching, leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob, exclusive rugs, etc. Among the new features of the refurbished Honda Fit 2018 comes a new black enameled grille with chrome trim, a new front bumper and redesigned antinebline headlamps. In the rear the bumper and the taillights were renewed. In addition, two new exterior colors and new designs of alloy wheels are offered. The equipment is enriched with the Honda Sensing system which includes emergency braking with collision relief, adaptive cruise control, track maintenance, road exit alert, etc. There is nothing new in the offer of engines, since in the United States it retains the same petrol engine iVTEC of 1.5 liters with 132 hp of power, that can be coupled with both a six-speed manual transmission and automatic type CVT. However there are some novelties in the mechanical plane, since the chassis has some additional reinforcements, the springs and dampers are more rigid and the direction is more direct.


Honda unveiled Insight’s next-generation advance with the Insight Prototype presentation, which the Japanese brand unveiled the first official images prior to its launch at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show, which will take place in less than a month. This is reminiscent of the presentation of the Honda Civic Type-R, which the brand revealed practically in its definitive production configuration, but also with the prototype term, as with this new hybrid model. The use of this term instead of concept, more usual, indicates that we are really facing a version very close to the definitive one. But from the looks of the model in the official images, it is clear that this is a case similar to the Type-R. We are almost already seeing the definitive model.

This being the third generation of the Honda hybrid takes a considerable evolutionary leap and as you can see, it inherits the traits of its bigger brothers of the line. At first glance it looks like a copy of the new Accord 2018, especially in its profile, although it also counts with clear influence of the Civic of tenth generation. This image is practically the definitive one that will carry the model, although it is not known exactly when will be the presentation of the final version. What is known is that its commercialization will start sometime in the first half of 2018, which may indicate that the final version of production will be presented at the New York Hall, or at some event organized by the brand itself in that same period, between spring and summer in the northern hemisphere. According to the Japanese brand, the new Insight will be positioned between the Civic and Accord lines, sharing the dealer also with the recent Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, which will hit the market early next year. Taking into account that the renewed Accord also has an electrified version, we can imagine the new Insight as a new hybrid version of the Civic. One of the new features of the new Honda Insight is that it will be manufactured in the United States, unlike the previous two generations, which were imported from Japan. So far nothing is known about the performance and specifications of the new hybrid, but according to the brand , will be “competitive with other compact hybrid models”.

Liberty Walk is a Japanese company exclusively dedicated to the sale and modification of vehicles to give them a more sporting and aggressive appearance. His latest work is this Honda NSX with a body worthy of any vehicle of the Japanese Super GT tests. The photographs, made by Liberty Walk at the Tsukiji fish market, famous in Tokyo, show all the work done in the Japanese hybrid supercar. Although most of the elements of the car have been modified, the most visible are the exterior details, starting with the slope of the wheels, which is more than evident at the rear. Its suspension was also retouched, leaving the car with a height in relation to the ground lowered to the maximum. At the rear, a large airfoil has been incorporated with LB Performance – Liberty Walk Performance screen printing – and now the Honda NSX shows four exhaust pipes arranged in series in the lower rear central part. Nothing has been reported about possible engine performance changes, though it is more than likely that Liberty Walk has tuned something in the hybrid electronics system consisting of a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine and three electric motors to offer something more than the 570 hp offered as standard.

How to Properly Install A Car Seat Without Driving Yourself Nuts!

Now, read your car manufacturer’s manual regarding the installation of the car seat. Now, are you completely confused?

So was I

It is scary being confused about installing one because if a car accident happens, your child can have serious injuries due to the improper installation. I have seen many friends and family install them incorrectly. The incorrect installation of a car seat can lead to a child’s serious injury or even death. As a Mississippi car accident lawyer, I have seen too many accidents in which children were injured and I would like to see injuries prevented. As a result, I set out to explore the confusing world of car seats and how to properly install them. Learning and educating you about how to install them properly is crucial in helping to prevent or lessen the chance of injuries from a car accident. If you have a newer model addition car or sub, you should have what your car set manual calls a “top-tether anchor.” You can check your car manufacturer’s manual.  Now, look at the back of the seat, there should be what looks similar to a seat belt with a latch on the end of it near the top of the seat. Attach this latch to the top-tether anchor with the latch facing upwards. Now, you need to attach what are called the “lower-level anchors.” Again, if you have a newer model car or suv, you should have what your car manual calls. Now, look at the back of the seat near the bottom. You should have what looks similar to a seat belt with two latches on either end. These latches are going to attach to the anchors. Pull the seat belt material through the holes in the back of the seat where it supposed to thread through. Here, you will need to reference the car seat manual to see where it threads through the seat. Once you do this, put your knee in the middle of the seat and attach the latches to the lower-level anchors. When I say put your knee in the middle of the car seat, it is crucial to use a lot, and I mean a lot, of weight when doing this. Keep your weight on the car seat and pull the seat belt type material that the latch is attached to until it is extremely tight! Once this is done, you must test the seat by shaking it side-to-side. It should not move more than half an inch to one inch. If it does, you do not have it tight enough. This means you did not put enough weight into it with your knee and you did not pull the seat belt with the latch attached tight enough.

Of course, each car seat and car is different so it is very important to read and understand both the car seat manual and your car manufacturer’s manual and not to rely just on this article. However, I have now installed over one hundred seats for myself, family, and friends and I have found this is generally how most of them work with some slight variations. I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to make sure you put enough weight in the seat when you install it and to make sure you shake the car seat from side-to-side to ensure there is little to no movement. While this may not prevent injuries, it will sure improve the chances of preventing an injury.

Benefits of a Car Warranty

Be careful, nevertheless, because not all warranties are the exact. They may ford f150 truck cover different damages and so they will very last a diverse quantity of many years or number of miles that you drive your automobile, so that you will need to proceed with caution when you’re deciding on a car guarantee. Discuss with the entire automobile salesman about all of your possibilities for selecting the car guarantee that is definitely finest to suit your needs. Be sure you test the particulars of just how long the automobile warranty are going to be productive plus the specific damages that it can and cannot cover for your car. The worst issue it is possible to do is usually to get caught which has a warranty that is not great for you or the desires of the vehicle. You ought to also take the time to talk with family members or associates who recently have obtained vehicles. Talking with other motor vehicle owners about the car or truck warranty that they have selected is really a smart way to get perspective from anyone besides a auto salesman. It is advisable to take your time and develop into as knowledgeable as possible. Just after all, you will be referring to guarding your auto.

Cars are pricey and replacing them is not uncomplicated, so use caution and come up which has a program that is good to suit your needs. An automobile warranty is meant to present you protection so that you realize your auto is taken care of know issue what transpires to it once you start driving it. No matter how clean your driving report is, you are able to never ever ensure that you might be accident cost-free within the many years to come. You can find just also lots of elements at stake to danger not having a automobile warranty, so ensure that you just get one regardless of what tips you acquire. Having a automobile warranty gives you the freedom to drive your new automobile with ease and also to be assured that you’ve terrific insurance coverage on it no matter what transpires around the street or inside a parking whole lot.

A Woman’s Idea of A Dream Car

A car is such a man-thing! From the robust 4×4 to the slim and sleek sports vehicle, males can get quite lyrical when it comes to their cars. I mean, they even refer to the car as a “she”. I on the other hand, call my car a car. It has no life, conscience or sensations and therefore I cannot quite understand why a car should be female. Come to think of it, there is possibly one thing that women and cars have in common. Both a car and the female specie can be a bit temperamental. In the female’s case this is usually in the form of some or other mood swing, in the car’s case it can be an unwillingness to start on a cold morning or an unpleasant shudder if one of the tires is not properly balanced.

If women where in charge of designing cars, this is pretty much what the result would be:

Cars won’t only be available in white, black, silver, red, blue and green. Oh no, we would provide a world of options! If a buyer wants a pink car, they will have a choice of a pastel pink, standard pink, purple-pink and also a pearl pink tone! Then there would also be the option of pink with glitter and pink without glitter! This is also applicable to purple, yellow, orange and other presently disadvantaged colours. Secondly, no more huge, cumbersome steering wheels! Most women are small and petite, why do we have to battle with steering wheels the size of a tractor’s wheel? Steering wheels will be much smaller, with a lot of buttons! These buttons must also have suitable information so that we know which button to press to open the window, which one to press to activate the massaging seat cover and which one to press to raise the compartment between the fronts and rear car seats to drown out the sound of our shouting kids. Thirdly, our cars will all have built-in navigation systems. But nothing similar to the tricky GPS systems currently available. We’d have the ability to say “take me to that particular cafe with the good cheesecakes” and the car will know where to drive. And the fancy models will also have a “wake me up when we get there” function!

There would also be more storage compartments for our gadgets. Why should vehicles only have cup holders and sun glass holders if we’re lucky? Where should we put the wet wipes to wipe the children’ faces, our make-up and all our other “in case this happens” objects? Finally, forget about silly, small make-up mirrors in our window visors. How are we supposed to see in those small mirrors in any case? Our cars will have suitable mirrors (which could possibly slide out from the roof to cover half of the front window) with built-in lights for proper mascara application. That’s it! Now don’t agree that simply by referring to your car as a “she” does not make it a female car?

Why Buying Cars from Dealers Eliminates Risk

When buying a used car there are various options you can take. You can buy from Taunt on car dealers or any dealers for that matter, you can scour the classified ads for cars for sale or you go to an auction. Depending on your budget, you could get a good deal from each option but there are more risks. If you buy from car dealers you are almost certain to be given a warranty. A brand new vehicle will come with a manufacturer’s warranty anyway. Most decent second hand cars will be offered with a warranty of some sort unless it is a really old car and the dealer just wants to get rid of. Buy going to a respected car dealer you will have peace of mind if you get a problem with your car, the warranty should cover any serious issues. Also the dealer will have his reputation to think of, therefore should be willing to resolve any issues with the vehicle very quickly. Finding a car in the classified ads section of local newspapers can be time consuming, and also can mean a lot of travelling around to find the right car. You may well find that after travelling some distance to inspect a car, it is in poor condition and not as described. With that said it is best to check more than one car to draw comparisons. The chances are if you find a decent car privately you would pay less for it than you would from a car dealer. There are decent second hand cars to be had privately, but it is just finding them. The only thing to remember is that you have no come back if something goes wrong, the car would be sold as seen.

Auctions are good way to pick up a bargain. You won’t have the warranty that you would get from car dealers, but you could pay considerably less for what are sometimes relatively new cars. What you must do first is check the prices of the cars that you may consider buying, and then set your budget quite a way below the market price. This will allow you the finance to put right any problems that you may encounter once you have bought a car, because normally you only have one hour after you agree to buy the vehicle to check it over and reject it. (O.k. auctions). In conclusion buying a used car from a car dealer will give you peace of mind, knowing that if you have a problem with the vehicle the dealers warranty should cover any issues that arise. Whilst buying a car from an auction or through classified ads. May save you money initially, but if a fault developed with the car, you will have to pay for it to be fixed. Try and be clear in your mind what type of car you want and how much you want to pay, because there are plenty of people all too willing to take your hard earned money.

All about Car Rentals

If this is your first time renting a car or not, it is definitely significant you do not enter a car rental agreement without examining all of the privileges available to you. Insurance is a typical case in point. Nearly all rental car companies will hike the CDW very hard, and also the theft insurance. What you should understand is that you do not really want any of them. Before paying out $15 every day or more, make sure to find out if your regular auto insurance already covers rentals.  This is true because it is very simple for the company to include charges for damages later on.